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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Useless fact # 6

Useless fact #6:

If a photo related post appears in the middle of the week for no reason, it must mean that the blogger is shoopa busy!

I have been terribly busy for the last few days... ok, ok, last 10 days, so enjoy my absence until I am back!

Optic fibres during day time


Waiting for the spell to be broken

2D of a tree-D

Enough already!

I am escape!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


  1. Having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious
  2. Causing or deserving infamy; heinous

I know that I am all that and more, but this was least expected! I guess the logical thing now is to expect a few auto-loads of thondars come to rainy Seattle!

Someone in Google, please change the index or something!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

TN Elections 2006 - Aftermath

The DMK led alliance is all set to form the new government in Tamil Nadu. What this means to the people is something to wait and watch. In WB and Kerala, the left would be forming the government. In the meantime, an attempt at reading the minds of some of the people who were involved in this election:

NOTE: This is just for fun!

M. Karunanidhi: Thank "god!". Dayanidhi Maran's hacking device in the EVMs worked!
M.K. Stalin: Damn! He is 83 and still becomes the CM. When is my turn?

Jayalalitha: Ok! Time to get the paper shredders out. And, somebody, for god's sake fix that astrologer!
Vaiko: Ulladhum ponadhada nolla kanna!
Thirumaavalavan (DPI): Does this mean that I need to return the suitcases back?!
Sarath Kumar: Oh Lord! What was I thinking?

Lok Paritran1: You dunces cannot even understand Schrodinger wave equation or Theory of relativity. How can we expect you to comprehend our manifesto?

Lok Paritran2: Let's all go and beat Manirathnam up!

Vijayakanth: Wow! I actually won!

Left: LOL! I can't believe that communism is still selling!

People: Yaay! free color TV and cheap rice!
NRIs: *grumbling* Rice is bad for health man.

Take it easy!


Friday, May 05, 2006

iSight - a poem(!)

Blessed with the vision of a kite,
his dad proud that it was from his side

Reading distant boards and signs were his hobbies,
much to the anger of his sister who wore soda buddis

In spite of being among bats who complained of headaches,
who got prescription glasses by a wily doctor, making no mistakes

He was blessed.

But as the saying goes, "pride goes before fall",
he started playing video games, illegal cable and all

Time passed, he noticed a change in his blessing,
but pretended that it was just in passing

Working with computers did not help matters,
for his rods and cones were getting away in platters

Seeing his friend leave his glasses on the table, he tried it
wonders and curses!, the room seemed clearer; damn it!

The angel on his right shoulder said "don't worry; LASIK in due course",
but the devil on his left grinned: "not your dad's, your mom's side, of course"