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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I am escape!

I know that the frequency of my posts has decreased.
I know that the curse words directed to me (after seeing NO UPDATES) have increased.
I know I have played it cheap by living in the glory of my last post's comments.
It's not that I have blogger's block.
It's just that I am going to home-sweet-home for a break (this friday).
But that wouldn't prevent me from visiting other blogs.
Neither would it stop me from taking advantage of cheap-shot commenting in this post!

I am escape!!

PS: Will start posting again from India.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

சாம்பாரில் பாயாஸம்*

* Saambaaril Paayaasam

Some things just don't go well together. Try as they might - it just doesn't happen. Such as:

1. World XI Super series team members: Worst!!. Classic case of too many cooks in the kitchen.

2. Democracy and TN: Refer to any latest post of, well, any blog.

3. SJ. Suryah and Children's movies: he he!. And he had the audacity of going on the record, saying that two of his songs in his movies were for kids. Yea right!. For making kids, perhaps.

4. NRIs and affected accents: Why won't we just give up already?. It is best to be original.

5. MK and Gitopadesam: Now, the sun may rise in the west, but this would never happen!.

6. Ganguly and the short ball: Tendulkar aavadhu cricket aadinadhaala tennis elbow vandhutthu. What mountain did Ganguly move to get a slight case of Tennis elbow?.

7. Americans and Excercise: 2/3rds of all Americans are FAT!.

8. Namitha and "24": hee hee!. Now, THIS is one which we don't want to mess up with!.

9. Vijayakanth and தமிள்: தமிள் வால்க!

10. Hollywood and Marriage: Paris Hilton's breakup makes CNN headline news. IDIOTS!

11. Bush and sense: duh!.

But there is one thing which goes well together:

1. Me and dharma adi: as a result of causing anger to all fans of Bush, Namitha, Vijayakakanth, Ganguly, SJS and MK!.

Peace out!.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Cat Policing!

Caution: This post may be rated R or A!.

The whole blogworld off late has been feeling strongly about the moral policing (Dinamalar photos and Kushboo's statements) taking place in Madras now. Now, I don't want to write yet-another post about it. Hence a humorous post.

One of the foremost duties (Dharma) of any living being is the continuation of one's own gene pool or progeny. Animals do this dutifully (well, atleast the ones which haven't been neutered). It is us humans (and dolphins) who do this for both duty and looty!. In fact, the poor animals wouldn't even do it for time pass. There is some mechanism which makes their "clocks" "tick" only during a specific time (say a week) in a year. If you are reading this, you are human and you better be glad about it!.

Now that there is only a certain time where the animals can act like, well, an animal, isn't it bad to prevent them to "express" their freedom?.

In my apartment complex, one of the families has a cat (female) in their house. This cat is really pampered: eat good cat-food several times a day, sleep in the nice, cool shade of trees or cars, stretch and roll a couple of times, and thats it. Well, to cut right to the chase, it is that time of the year!.

Today, there were these 2 stray cats (a white one and a black one) mewing constantly before the female cat's house. The female cat was also outside. There are some things in this world, which are so self-defining that it needs not even an iota of explanation. The tenant came out and she was shocked to see her dear pet's virtue about to be tainted. How dare they!?. What would happen to our dear pet if it mixes with these mangy devils!. It is against human-cat culture!. Thinking so, she poured a jug of water (literally) over the lusty-fire being stoked by the threesome. And she chased her cat (thara thara nu izhuthu, pazhaar nu oru arai, podi ulla!) back to her house.

It seems that the tenant's expression meant: "Forget it, you uncouth strays!. You ain't gettin' no "pussycat"!.

Yenakkenna!. Poonai paavam summa vidaadhu!.

Moral policing seems to be the norm today!.

PS: Kadandha 7 naatkalaaga yennoda bloggukku vandhu pudhu post illai nu paarthu bulb vaangina anaivarukkum sorry!.

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