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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Irritating dialogs/sequences in movies

The title says it all.

Perhaps a word or a phrase would have been sufficient, but the writer (dialogs) sometimes goes overboard and over-emphasizes things and makes a mess out of it. It could also be a situation where the actor needs to reply sarcastically, but then the writer has doubts if the sarcasm would go unnoticed and it spirals down to nothing. Or it could be that the whole sequence with the dialog is downright ugly.

An example would be the preceding paragraph where I try to over-explain what I wrote in the very first sentence!

Note: These are only opinions, and refers to parts of movies only (mostly).

1. Anniyan:
"Nee oru nasa, clarke's table, logarithm..."
- Sujatha's way of reminding us that he is an lear-ned ayyangaarvaaL from Srirangam.

2. Aaitha ezhuthu:
First things first. People happily refer to this as aayudha ezhuthu. @!*&&^

"Raatchasaa.. chandaala.. "
- Dilli's wife (I don't know the name) chiding Madhavan's character when he kicks Meera Jasmine out. Now, which cheri/kuppam female talks like this?

I am not done with AE yet!

"Testosterone, Estrogen..."
- My blood boils whenever I see this scene! Again, lear-ned ayyangaarvaL at his best.

"Pittsburgh Venkataachalapathi koil poi motta podanum..."
- Although this dialog induces vomit naturally, credit has to be given since, that is what we expect the yuppy to say

AE in many ways is Madhavan's best movie till date. Although the movie is strewn with irritating dialogs (mostly concerning Surya and Siddharth), one particular dialog by Madhavan is gold:

"padikardha uttu yeaandaaaa arsiyalukku varreengo!"

3. Padayappa:
"Nee style-a aaappdi oru salute adippiye! enga.. adi!"
- Possibly the only time Sivaji under-sold himself on screen. Even a hard core fan of thalaivar like me, hated that scene/dialog.

4. Vetayaadu viLayaadu:
"In India, we call it Raghavan instinct"
- uvve!!

5. A-aah:
There is this one sequence when a girl comes crying to S.J. Suryah since some high profile guy tried to molest her (which is quite obvious). I am not exactly sure if I am repeating verbatim, but it goes something like this:

girl: (sobbing) "avan yenna....."
suryah: "you mean.... (nods suggestively and quasi-sympathetically here) "
girl: "mmm"
suryah: "oh god/shit/whatever"
us poor audience: we get it, you pervert!!

6. Bombay:
Perhaps the second half is interesting in parts, but the first part where the hindu guy (thankfully, not a brahmin, but a saiva piLLai, nonetheless) falls in love with a muslim girl, is a gift for a bulimic patient. Almost all dialogs and sequences between these two are unbelievably horrible and artificial. The only saving grace is the song-dance element. Perhaps Manirathnam wanted to cut to the chase and take it over to Bombay as quickly as possible.

It certainly does look like I have something against Sujatha and Manirathnam. But I love the dialogs in Nayagan, Kannathil Muththamittaal, Boys (yes!) and Mudhalvan. It sometimes gets irritating when the writer assumes intellect and also think that the audience needs things to be told in an explicit manner. Stop assaulting our senses!

One of the actors of yesteryears - Major Sundarrajan had the habit of saying a dialog in english and follow it up for good measure in tamil too, just in case we didn't get it. Come to think of it, that was actually better than "Pittsburgh venkataachalapathi".


Monday, April 16, 2007


I feel that the list of people born on April 16th is not complete. I know atleast two names missing here. Happy B'day to them (too!).


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sights and sounds

Sights and sounds #1 - Hariharan Concert, April 6th, 2007, University of Washington

This was something we were looking forward to for quite some time. Hariharan and his troupe enthralled us with their ghazals and film songs. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the function was arranged by the Vedic Cultural Center, it was a subdued event and not as gung-ho as one might expect from a playback singer. Or perhaps, this is how Hariharan performs his concerts normally. In any case, it was a feast to the ears. Not many people in the playback singing field can sing the same way in the studio and at a live concert. Hariharan is one of the few. We enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

Should we look at artists as entertainers or otherwise? I feel that if someone is talented in a field (art, sports, etc), due respect needs to be given. I seem to have a hard time understanding when a game, like cricket is played for entertainment purposes. It really doesn't help much when the artists itself say that they play for the people and for their enjoyment. I feel true art is beyond that.


Sights and sounds #2 - Tulip Festival, April 7th, 2007, Mt. Vernon area, Washington

This one was long due and was finally done today. With tulip fields straight out of Shankar's movie books, one can capture several hundreds of potential wall papers for their computers. The weather was kind of OK (read as not raining!) and it was only a 45 minute drive from where we live. What we saw was spectacular.

It starts something like this

And then a bloom...

Different races living side by side. Vanishing point is an illusion.

Intrusion of privacy

Heaven for many a cheesy movie!

A now-familiar scenario!

Soil with air pockets.
Walking on portions of the field was similar to a metal ball rolling on a suspended net.
Fun was had! hee hee!

Tulip species from various countries. 16, I recall.

Ok. Let's move on!

The Tulip festival is in full bloom during April and it is must-see for anyone visiting or staying in Seattle area. And oh, be prepared to see scores of desis!

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