An Owl's 2 hoots

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Long and short of it

  • Writing a post - after a long time. You guys must be tired of my excuses now, so I am not even attempting to give one.
  • Sprained my neck - after a long time. Perhaps an indication of what's in store for the future - blinders! But seriously, I almost forgot how painful it could be.
  • Saw stars last night - after a long time. While I was waiting for prasadam on a cold deepavali night at the temple, I happened to look up (due to the neck strain, that was the only direction I could) at the relatively less-light-polluted sky, and saw hundreds of stars. Pretty interesting that we miss out the nicer and smaller things in life nowadays!
  • Watched a really good movie - after a long time. The Prestige. Very well directed and played out. I was truly captivated by Nikola Tesla, who played an integral part of the script. This guy was brilliant! Why don't we see block-buster scientists like him now?
  • Had a decent lunch at a desi restaurant - after a long time. Of course, "decent" is a relative term, but still, this exceeded my expectations.
  • Might have single-handedly crashed yahoo's voice server - well almost, considering the tricks and tactics I applied and made full use of their "Call India for free during Deepavali".
  • Deepavali or Diwali. Narakasura vadham or Ram(a)'s home-coming after killing Ravan(a). Nalla pattimandra thalaipugaL.
Peace out!


Friday, October 06, 2006

sappa matters -#6

SM1: Apart from making it easy to prepare questions for an exam, what is the logic behind asking students to memorize stuff?


SM2: "You would be asked to do just 3 things. Do that - nothing more, nothing less" - advice from a newly married man, in a slightly inebriated state.



He definitely did not expect the situation to come to this. The little s*** slid over his body - teasing him. His patience was being tested. He doesn't like to be teased a lot. Touchy guy!

Normal days (or nights!) would take him 15-20 minutes to complete the "deed", but not this time! This little s*** was more than a match for him and was getting him all worked up!

As time went by, it was getting too hard and wet for him to handle. It was getting late. He needs to get ready to work. But the s*** was taking its own sweet time. This was just too much. He had to show who the man was.

Completely enraged, he yells - "Come here, you little piece of s***!" He forgot how strong he was. SNAP! - it was all over before he realized it. Now he felt sorry!

Desi Males - apart from Irish spring, Dial and the rare Indian soap, what other choices do we have?


SM4: Was watching some random comedy scene from a tamil movie on the 'net. The setting was a street in a village. There was some kind of a wall (whitewashed), maybe somebody's house

The following was on the wall: "<- - - DMK full - - >".

Guy has reserved space future posters and DMK related graffiti in somebody's wall. And no other political party can take that space. Poster etiquette, you see. Democrazy works splendidly.