An Owl's 2 hoots

Sunday, September 24, 2006

... and again -#2

This summer has been a blessed-one as far as far as weather was concerned (perhaps due to the migration of a certain owl from FL). So, I have been trying to make the best use of it!

Full ice-u!

Shadow check!

Recursive voyeurism

Light at the end of a short tunnel

It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's another plane!

Effective immediately, we are cutting web-productions by 75%

Obsessed with Rainier

Go count!


Friday, September 15, 2006

sappa matters -#5

SM1: If you wear prescription glasses, how does it affect your vision when you dream? Has anyone (in the dream) ever said "Nice frames"?



Ambiguity - I found this written on a white board near the office break area:

"Please don't steal my fruit cake. Thank you"

below which was added:

"It has been in my family for a long time"

What is "It" here?


SM3: Popeye is very angry.


SM4: If somebody is leaning over your computer and typing his/her password in to a program (for whatever reason), how many keystrokes must you wait before turning to face the screen?


SM5: On a related note - I am getting annoyed when people say "I am not a computer person". Seriously, what does that mean?



Sunday, September 10, 2006

Make sentences with - 2

I had been to watch Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu last night at Totem Lake Cinemas near Kirkland. It was a decently made movie and there are already umpteen number of reviews written. But a small incident during the movie sparked a key-word in my mind and from then on, words were just flying all over the scenes.

Now I am not sure if the experience was worth 12 bucks (it might very well have been), but it certainly provided enough fodder for me.

Note: This post is just for fun, so I advise fans of Gautham not to get in their autos and come visit me in chilly, rainy Edmonds!

So here goes Make sentences with: with respect to Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu -

1. Poor: The sound quality in the theatre was so poor that we were left wondering if the operator was streaming the movie from a website.

2. Remuneration: On account of so many words being censored, the remuneration given to the (dubbing) artist(s) were halved.

3. Early-starter: Kids brought to the theatres to watch gore, violence and sex should thank their parents' good intentions on making them early-starters.

4. Anticipate: Somehow, everyone (must have) anticipated who would play the role of Jothika's mom.

5. Excuse: Just by mixing some random scenes of the police investigating in between an otherwise un-necessary song is excuse enough.

6. Culture: But hey, atleast the models were not wearing bikinis in the song - the culture was hence saved!

7. Irony: Even if 50 cents' In da club is played by mistake in a dicey situation, it is ironical that the girl could still makes good moves with the villain. Such is the power of music!

8. Self-explanatory: Even a liberal left-winger like Kamal's take on homosexuality was self-explanatory from his dialogs... and also gives away the general notion of the audience which was evident from the guffaws.

9. Victory: Inspite of all this, the audience rarely (spare the introduction) cheered for Kamal as a hero and completely accepted him as a police officer which itself is a victory for Kamal and Gautham.

Just for fun!

Earlier post on Make sentences with.


Friday, September 01, 2006

sappa matters -#4

SM1: Realized that Feta cheese (like blue cheese) has an acquired taste!


SM2: Sunglasses can make anybody look cool. Beware!


SM3: Edited chat transcript:

Me: This monday is a holiday. Labor day. :D

Friend: Yes, I know. XXYY (IT company in India) follows the American holiday calendar. So they have monday off too.

Me: Interesting!
Me: So what about Deepavali and Pongal?

Friend: Of course, that-and-all is always there!

Me: !!!!


SM4: I am amazed at Mani Rathnam's spirit in National Integration, unity in diversity, secularism et al when he made Kitty (a hindu) act as a muslim and Nasser act as a saiva-pillai in "Bombay". Illaina, character will become biased sir.

Wow! Talk about being subtle. * Saracasm spoiler *


SM5: As long as we are still talking about movies, let's get this thing over with too.

When the tamil film industry was in tatters, even actors like Kamal Hassan had to resort to comedy. If that was the case with stalwarts like Kamal, there is nothing wrong if mere mortals like tt_giant has to resort to photo blogs and sappa matters for a while!