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Monday, July 31, 2006

Intelligent dreams - 2

Now this is getting way too weird. What is it about me dreaming about cars?

Get this: In the dream, I am in a car with 2 steering wheels - one in the front, one in the back, diagonally opposite to each other. Someone takes one look at it and says:

"Do I even have to ask?".

I go - "What? I need to come back from wherever I go, right?"

I don't know what is happening in that head of mine.

Shameless self-promotion: Intelligent dreams -1.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grunge at the Gorge in George, Washington

Almost sounds like a tongue-twister, doesn't it?

I went to this place in Eastern Washington (literally in the middle of nowhere) for a Pearl Jam Music Concert (An evening with Pearl Jam) with one of my colleagues. This was one of the most awaited concerts this summer in the Pacific Northwest for several reasons: This amphitheatre has been voted the best outdoor venues for 9 straight years, Pearl Jam is one of the best bands in performing live and Pearl Jam hails from Seattle, WA.

Some hoots:
  • The amphitheatre is set in a backdrop of the Columbia river, where the river has naturally dug out the gorge over years of erosion and wind-action.
  • The lower portion of the theatre contains seats, but the upper ones have grassy slopes (similar to Woodstock!).
  • Yesterday, around 25,000 people attended the concert
  • The performance was pretty high-energy and the atmosphere was electric. Not to mention that the temperature was boiling hot.
  • I am truly amazed at how much effort the band put in yesterday for 3 full hours consistently.
  • I learnt the meaning of the phrase "Parental guidance advised".
  • The police in Eastern Washington generally do not have much to do year-around except during these concerts! Needless to say, they were trying to dampen the "high-spirits".
  • Everybody had their share of second-hand smoke (tobacoo and "others").
  • Most likely, I was the only desi.

Altogether, my first concert of this kind and truly worth the long drive.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

sappa matters -#2

SM1: Generation gap - If it takes you more than 2 minutes to send a 2 line SMS, then you belong to an older generation.


SM2: Somebody, please tell me: What is the best way to let a driver of another car know that he/she has left the indicator lights on?


SM3: Conversation at my work place:

Me: So are you going to watch Pirates - part 2?
Other guy: Yea! Johnny Depp is amazing! He looks totally drunk the whole movie!
Me: Yea, that was good acting, considering the fact that he is supposedly a tee-totaler.
Other guy: What's a tee-totaler?
Me: * adapppaavingala! *