An Owl's 2 hoots

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


A good proportion of non-immigrant workers are motivated to work solely for not getting laid off or fired. Another set of people work because they are stuck at that place, time and mind frame, which serves to be their "motivation". A small set of go-lucky people actually enjoy what they do and are motivated by the anticipation of impending sense of achievement and satisfaction.

A person I knew got himself motivated to come to work today because of a nightmare.

He dreamt that he was cooking for a bunch of women, who he has never met, had no idea where they came from. He was preparing some kind of dish (name not given/remembered) and was being constantly and roundly criticized by the women. So, each time, he goes back to the kitchen and starts over again or tries to repair the dish, but keeps messing it up again and again. Finally, he wakes up panting and almost screaming and decided to come to work, just to avoid such terrible nightmares. This guy swears by the microwave, would write his will to restaurants and maintains an otherwise clean counter top, since he never cooks in reality.

Partly due to the fact that this guy is a citizen makes me wonder about the varying ranges of motivation. I don't seem to get these kinds of motivating factors. I can handle a bunch of women berating me over potato curry any day!


Friday, March 02, 2007

sappa matters -#8

SM1: Facts don't cease to exist just by ignoring them.

I was/am a firm believer of this statement.

(Un)related link is here.


SM2: Ever since I got a "prediction" of how I would look when I am 50 years old, I get this urge to jump forward, somehow, and take peek into my life 2 years down. It need not be completely accurate. Atleast something which has x% chance of happening.

SM3: Sometimes, it is worth to play dumb. a) It might get you out of trouble. b) You might win someone's sympathy. c) It adds an unpredicatble element in your life and throws stereotyping out the window


SM4: Snow again. But was able to deal with it better this time.


SM5: This is amazing! Truly wonderful stuff.

If we assume that the entire universe is a finite space (which may or may not be true), then we (earth) probably are almost non-existent. Which brings up another thought: Are the problems faced on earth even worth mentioning when we look at the global picture?